Sentor – bridge system c/ 1.5mt

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Product description

Sentinel bridge system.

SENTOR has multifunctional, modular and innovative design. The system is based on simplicity, lightness and robustness as theprinciple of development.
ÉIt is very easy to adapt to different workspaces (such as Rescue, Rope Access, Manhole, Silos etc.)
SENTOR can be constructed into many different configurations including;
Monopod, Twinpod, Tripé, Quadripod, Quadripod Bridge System
Tested and certified for the use of 2 people and 300 kg working and rescue load.
The system has a main head with unique design made from high-alloy aluminum material. Four legs can be attached and detacheddepending on the type of slots on this head.
The telescopic legs can easily be attached to the head with the help of a pin to achieve the desired structure.
Telescopic legs have anchor points in their heads. Thanks to these anchoring points, the system can be fixed at different points withthe help of rope.

Standard: EN 795:2012 Type B & CEN TS 16415:2013 Type B

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