TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialities

The TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialities project is a structuring project of the Cluster Têxtil: Tecnologia e Moda, which aims to encompass a set of R&D initiatives of strong collective character and high inductive and demonstrative effect, with the central involvement of companies from the Textile and Clothing cluster, but also from other complementary sectors of the economy.

The TexBoost development consortium, led by the company RIOPELE and under the technical coordination of CITEVE, involves a total of 43 entities, 23 of which are industrial companies from the entire textile sector and 15 are ENESII (non-company entities from the I&I system).

TexBoost represents a total investment of 9,230,094.09 euros, which corresponds to a financing rate of 68.94% by the Compete 2020 programme, and is organised into 6 PPS – Products, Processes and Services (one of which is for the management, dissemination and exploitation of results), built on 50 activities that will result in 17 new innovative solutions in different areas.

Started on 1 July 2017 and with an expected end date of 30 June 2020, the project has the following main activities:

→ develop a new generation of textile solutions, where their degree of innovation is radical compared to existing products, including the generation of new scientific knowledge;
→ develop highly innovative products and processes, using emerging and cutting-edge technologies that will enable new experiences for consumers and companies participating in each PPS;
→ facilitate access by the companies involved to new markets / business areas or the strengthening of current markets / business areas, both nationally and internationally.


Project sheet TexBoost:

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