Retractable fall prevention device with recovery mechanism. HRA-18

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Product description

Retractable fall prevention device with recovery mechanism.

This aluminium block, housed in aluminium, is a robust, low maintenance device, equipped with a steel cable, finished with a double action steel hook.
The attachment point on the fall arrest block is an open steel cable, suitable for connection via a standard carabiner connector, or a standard carabiner connector with an anchor age sling, or a large carabiner.
This fall arrest block also has a built-in recovery mechanism, which is operated by pulling a pin on the side of the block and attaching a coiled handle. This then allows the device to be used to lift or lower a fall pole, or if it has become disabled in a confined space.
The fall arrest block was tested in a simulated fall over an edge

Standard: EN 360, EN 1496

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