BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet

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Product description

Self-darkening welding helmet, which changes from a light to dark state when welding activity begins. The light state is DIN 4; the dark state is adjustable from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external button. The response time from light to dark is 0.04 milliseconds; Return from dark to light in 0.03-0.04 seconds. Power is supplied by solar cells with 2 built-in lithium batteries to provide power back-up for longer life. No replacement batteries are required.

Adjustment roller for easy assembly
Solar cell power and two backup lithium batteries. Working time over 5000 hours
Self-darkening, changes from light to dark when the welding process begins
Suitable for a wide range of applications
Suitable for use with disposable respirators
Retail box for better presentation of sales to the public

Standard: EN 166 1 S
EN 175 F
EN 379 4 / 9-13 ; 1/1/1/2

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