Pulaski Axe

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Product description

Versatile tool for the construction of firebreaks. The most widely used tool at wildfires.

The Pulaski axe is one of the most widely used hand tool to fight wildfires.

The tool combines an axe and a hoe in a single head.

The Pulaski axe is a versatile tool for the construction of firebreaks, as it can be used both to dig and scrape up to mineral soil, and to cut and open lines through vegetation.

The invention of the Pulaski axe in 1911 is credited to Ed Pulaski, a United States Forest Service ranger who was seeking better tools for fighting wildfires.

When using the Pulaski axe, it is recommended not to raise it over the head in order to hit, as it produces energy waste and poses safety risk.

Our tool is made of forged steel with differentiated heat treatments in the cutting edge (50-55 RC) and in the area where the handle is inserted into the head (30-35 RC).

It also provides ductility only where the handle is inserted into the head, which, added to the handle that has an injected fiberglass core and a rubber grip, they avoid the transmission of vibrations to the user when hitting, reducing fatigue and avoiding injuries caused by its use.

The handle is maintenance-free thanks to the materials with which it is produced.

Weight: 2,7 Kg
Length: 920 mm
Material: Steel 1045
Cape: Fiberglass over-injected with grip

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